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By Carol Tavris

ISBN-10: 0671675230

ISBN-13: 9780671675233

"This landmark booklet" (San Francisco Chronicle) dispels the typical myths concerning the reasons and makes use of of anger -- for instance, that expressing anger is usually best for you, that suppressing anger is often dangerous, or that girls have distinctive "anger difficulties" that males don't. Dr. Carol Tavris expertly examines each side of that attention-grabbing emotion -- from genetics to emphasize to the trend for justice.

totally revised and up to date, Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion now contains:

* a brand new attention of organic politics: should still testosterone or PMS excuse rotten tempers or competitive activities? * The 5 stipulations less than which anger might be powerful -- and while it is not. * techniques for fixing particular anger difficulties -- persistent anger, facing tough humans, repeated kin battles, anger after divorce or victimization, and competitive young children.

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Abnormal or exceptional events have indeed greater emotional significance than normal ones. Even if the intelligibility of the notion of "a significant change" is admitted, it may still be claimed that its usefulness is limited, as the significance of the change is a crucial component only in some emotions. For example, this component is evident in grief, but not in anger, when subjective elements, rather than significant changes, are dominant. In response, I would point out that any type of significance is basically subjective; significance is determined by our perception of its importance for our well-being.

Unknown I consider intentionality and feeling to be the two basic mental dimensions. 1 Intentionality refers to a subject-object relation, whereas feeling expresses the subject's own state of mind. When a person is in love, the feeling dimension surfaces in a particular feeling, say a thrill, that is experienced when the lovers are together; the intentional dimension is expressed in the person's knowledge of her beloved, her evaluation of his attributes, and her desires toward him.

For example, although perception is limited in its scope to events and objects currently confronting us, we are able to perceive many things simultaneously. Similarly, memory may be limited to things we have experienced or learned in the past, but Chapter 2. What Is an Emotion? 39 in a brief period we can remember quite a few people. Contrary to the partial nature of emotions, intellectual reasoning is not partial: it is focused on a broad, rather than narrow, target, and it is not done from a personal and interested perspective.

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