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By Scott Soames

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In this number of contemporary and unpublished essays, major analytic thinker Scott Soames strains milestones in his box from its beginnings in Britain and Germany within the overdue 19th and early 20th century, via its next progress within the usa, as much as its current because the world's so much lively philosophical culture. The significant essay chronicles how analytic philosophy constructed within the usa out of yankee pragmatism, the impression of ecu viewers and immigrants, the midcentury transformation of the Harvard philosophy division, and the quick unfold of the analytic method that undefined. one other essay explains the technique guiding analytic philosophy, from the logicism of Frege and Russell via Wittgenstein's linguistic flip and Carnap's imaginative and prescient of exchanging metaphysics with philosophy of technological know-how. additional essays overview advances in common sense and the philosophy of arithmetic that laid the basis for a rigorous, clinical examine of language, that means, and data. different essays speak about W.V.O. Quine, David okay. Lewis, Saul Kripke, the Frege-Russell research of quantification, Russell's try to dispose of units together with his "no category theory," and the Quine-Carnap dispute over that means and ontology. the gathering then turns to subject matters on the frontier of philosophy of language. the ultimate essays, combining philosophy of language and legislations, enhance a cosmopolitan originalist conception of interpretation and use it on U.S. constitutional rulings approximately due process.

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The first, and most dramatic, of these events was the arrival of an enormously gifted and distinguished group of émigrés from Europe. Among them were Herbert Feigl (1902–­88), arriving from Vienna in 1931; Rudolf Carnap (1891–­1970), arriving from Prague in 1935; Carl Hempel (1905–­97), arriving from Germany in 1937; Hans Reichenbach (1891–­1953), arriving from Germany by way of Turkey in 1938; Gustav Bergman (1906–­87), coming from Vienna in 1938; Alfred Tarski (1901–­83), from Poland in 1939; and Kurt Gödel (1906–­78), arriving from Vienna in 1940.

A Collection of Specialties By the end of the twentieth century, analytic philosophy in America, and elsewhere, had broadened to include active research programs on nearly all topics of traditional philosophical concern. In metaphysics, physicalism, the nature of time and space, and problems of material constitution were hotly debated, and at least one full-­blown metaphysical system—­that of David Lewis (1941–­2001)—­commanded center stage. In epistemology, the Gettier problem—­Gettier (1963)—­generated a vast literature on what, beyond true, justified belief, constitutes knowledge.

The distinction is typically drawn in terms of possible worlds or, better, possible world-­states. For the Kripkean, possible states of the world are not alternative concrete universes but abstract objects (see Stalnaker 1976, 1984). Metaphysically possible world-­ states are maximally complete ways the real concrete universe could have been—­maximally complete properties the universe could have instantiated. ) These two sets of properties are different. Just as there are properties that ordinary objects could have had and other properties they couldn’t have had, so there are certain maximally complete properties the universe could have had—­metaphysically possible world-­states—­and other maximally complete properties the universe couldn’t have had—­metaphysically impossible world-­states.

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