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By Sina Ebnesajjad

ISBN-10: 0815515332

ISBN-13: 9780815515333

ISBN-10: 0815516010

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The actual measured variable is the maximum pressure of each bubble. A method employed for determining interfacial tension as a function of time (interface age). The time between two consecutive drops is measured when a liquid of one density is pumped into a second liquid of a different density. 4) are the two most frequently used techniques for measuring surface tension at the liquid–air interface or interfacial tension at a liquid–liquid interface. Only the du Nouy method can be applied to measure interfacial tension.

Fundamentals of Adhesion, Plenum Press, New York, 2001. 6. S. H. , Fundamentals of Adhesion and Interfaces, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 2000. 7. , Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. (London), 95: 65, 1805. 8. , The Collected Works of J. W. Gibbs, Longmans, Green, New York, 1931. 9. , J. Phys. , 63: 1655, 1959. 10. , Ueber die Abhangigkeit der Capillaritats—Constanten des Alkohol con Substanz und Gestalt des benetzten festen Korpers. Ann. , 119: 177–217, 1863. 11. , A new apparatus for measuring surface tension.

This percentage is calculated based on the fraction of the area of the contact surface that has failed cohesively or adhesively. 3 Schematics of adhesive bond failure modes: (a) adhesive failure; (b) cohesive failure in the adhesive layer; (c) cohesive failure in the adherend. It is important to determine the exact mode(s) of bond failure when a problem occurs. Determination of the failure mode allows action to be taken to correct the true cause and save time and money. 5 show the result of analyses of several bonds between a substrate and a polyvinyl fluoride film using an acrylic adhesive.

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