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Rather, the question rule-utilitarians ask about each possible code is what the effects on utility would be of the code's being successfully inculcated in people who had no prior moral beliefs or atti- Rule-Utilitarianism and Euthanasia tudes. At least in principle, the code of rules best from a utilitarian point of view might be very different from those now accepted in any given society. ) The intuitive attractions of rule-utilitarianism become clear as we notice the ways in which this theory seems superior to act-utilitarianism.

Here he is more concerned to critique the claim common to the other three essays: that we can justify the right to die simply by appealing to individual autonomy. Having options, he argues, is not an unadulterated good. Options may make us vulnerable to unwanted pressure from others. For example, having the option of working for less than minimum wage increases the chances that employers will offer people less than the minimum wage. Options also close off the possibility that we can maintain the status quo - in this case, continuing to live - without having to Euthanasia choose it.

I myself accept that this is an important potential problem with utilitarianism. But because I don't think these worries about distribution are relevant to euthanasia, I shall ignore them in this paper. 3 Act-utilitarianism The most direct and most discussed form of utilitarianism is act-utilitarianism. There are different versions of this theory. One version holds that an act is right if and only if its actual consequences would contain at least as much utility as those of any other act open to the agent.

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