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The possibility of portfolio diversification across a large array of assets means that a country suffering an adverse terms-of-trade shock could share some of the loss with its trading partners to the extent that it holds claims on their output. An adverse supply shock such as an oil price increase may result in a deficit on the current account in addition to both an increase in unemployment and a decrease in real wages. As they adjust to the shock, countries with an open financial regime have better access to regional and global capital markets so that it would be easier and less costly for them to borrow to finance their current account deficits.

They have noted the situation of several members of the WTO that are least developed countries and that, despite their membership, have been unable to secure trading opportunities commensurate with their development needs. However, from its past experience, Cambodia remains hopeful of gaining substantial benefits from its accession to the WTO. Nevertheless, it realizes that the risks inherent in this initiative will need to be carefully managed. Perceived Benefits of Integration The perceived benefits of integration range from building a new national image within the world community to improving exports, investment, and governance.

When the crisis struck, foreign capital fled, and regional currencies depreciated sharply. Since the size of the foreign funds was huge and exceeded official reserves, central banks were unable to defend their currencies in most cases. Even though the affected economies have, by and large, adjusted since the shock, some effects of the crisis are being felt even today. The last argument against economic integration is the threat of social disintegration. Economic integration is perceived to undermine 29 30 Aun Porn Moniroth traditional values and cultural identities because of the increasing intrusion of global, primarily Western, norms, practices, and values into societies and local communities.

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