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41 Damasio’s claim is that if a person is unable to attach positive or negative emotions to his or her mental representations of proposed courses of action, then there can be no emotional appraisal of the possible courses of action. Without such emotional appraisal, people cannot decide what most concerns them. As a result there is an inability to reach a decision in serious cases. The idea that there is pure rational thought devoid of feeling is a myth. ” Behind all this rhetoric is the same idea, the stigmatization of the unfeeling rationalist.

Are these concerns technical, social, economic, or something else? The notion of what concerns the consumer tells us what will receive his or her attention. Concerns link to emotional experiences in the past, which shape the consumer’s system of values, which, in turn, through generating negative or positive appraisals about the product, affects the trade-offs made. Consumers belonging to the same culture are typically subject to many of the same emotional experiences and cultural conditions that affect what emotional feelings are generated by what situations.

2. Technical criteria. ” 3. Integrative criteria. Perhaps surprisingly, integrative criteria (integration with self and one’s social milieu) were important in the buying. In fact, social validation was important as evidence of popularity. ” Further examples: Peers must approve. I could never buy a soda that wasn’t popular with my peers. The true American should drink Pepsi. Just look at the can, and you can plainly see the colors—red, white and blue. I am certainly a true red, THE SCOPE OF EMOTION IN MARKETING 31 white, and blue American.

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