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By Christina Rosalie

ISBN-10: 0762778563

ISBN-13: 9780762778560

For a person who craves a significant lifestyles, A box advisor To Now is a call for participation to begin. Through evocative prose and unique illustrations, Christina Rosalie conjures up readers to discover ardour and objective by way of getting to the instant at hand.

Every self-help booklet tells us to “be present,” yet few achieve displaying us how. With this e-book, Christina leads readers to find how the small and doubtless mundane elements of way of life can—through a shift in focus—become a springboard for the profound. it really is an antidote to the perpetual rush we event day-by-day; and to that feeling that there'll by no means be sufficient time to start, to decide to an inventive perform, or to turn into no matter what it truly is we'd like such a lot to be.

Part event consultant and half survival consultant, A box consultant To Now is full of suggestion starters and artistic routines that would lead you to discover your individual striking lifestyles amidst the standard moments of each day. it'll make you snicker. it'll make your middle sing. it is going to offer you a cause to pause. mainly else, this ebook is name to do so, to dwell completely into the current, and to persist in changing into no matter what your middle yearns to be. 

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