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By Lawrence Block

ISBN-10: 145320850X

ISBN-13: 9781453208502

Intercourse, medicines, AND homicide within the LAND OF THE LOTUS EATERS

Anita Carbone used to be a great woman – and it bored her. 

That’s why she took the lengthy subway journey all the way down to Greenwich Village, domestic of the Beats and the stoners, domestic to each type of misfit and dropout and loose spirit you'll think. It was once the place she met Joe Milani, the younger warfare veteran with the light contact. however it was once additionally the place she met his drug-dealing roommate – a guy whose unnatural appetites ended in murder…

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School was a challenge for him, not to work, but to avoid work and cause trouble. In the beginning he displayed no particular imagination at causing trouble. When he played with other children, in the days when there were still other children who would play with him, he broke their toys or fought with them or beat them up. He was always short and always thin, but his wiry frame and superb coordination won him every fight. On the other hand, it should also be mentioned that he never took on a fight unless he could count on victory.

A veritable myriad of possibilities. None of which attracted him. Back to immobility, he told himself. Let’s analyze this. Let’s take it apart and see what’s running around inside. Let’s figure out how it’s put together. Let’s peel off the outer wrapper and dig inside it once and for all and figure out why in the hell we are sitting on a bench in Washington Square Park with a cigarette burning to hell and gone between our tobacco-stained fingers with nothing to do and no place to go and the world whirling around and making absolutely no sense at all.

Of course it didn’t matter. That was the whole point of it, anyway. Immobility. It was a very beat condition, this immobility, and he found himself wondering why nobody had bothered to describe it in a novel. The beat writers were uniformly lousy, but one of them nevertheless should have managed to get hipped on the notion of transferring that marvelous state of nothingness to paper. Or was the condition unique with Joe? The human condition, the beat condition, the stony stonelike condition. Immobility.

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