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By Miriam Griffin

ISBN-10: 140514923X

ISBN-13: 9781405149235

A spouse to Julius Caesar contains 30 essays from major students studying the existence and after lifetime of this nice polarizing figure.

  • Explores Caesar from quite a few views: army genius, ruthless tyrant, outstanding baby-kisser, top quality orator, subtle guy of letters, and more
  • Utilizes Caesar’s personal extant writings
  • Examines the viewpoints of Caesar’s contemporaries and explores Caesar’s portrayals via artists and writers in the course of the ages

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10; cf. 3). Success in this effort would have to wait a few years. But Caesar delivered a clear message: it was high time that Romans put the violence and divisiveness of the Sullan years behind them. Caesar projected himself further as advancing Roman generosity in yet a different sphere. In 68, upon returning from his proquaestorship in Spain, he tarried in Transpadane Gaul (Italy north of the Po) where he encouraged the Latin colonies in that region in their quest for full citizenship (Suet.

But even if no fire produced all that smoke, the repeated conjoining of Crassus and Caesar suggests the plausibility of political collaboration, at least in the public perception. Crassus’ cash and patronage were welcome to the younger man. And the talented and popular Caesar could be a valuable ally in the ranks of the senate. For Caesar, expanding the breadth of his political connections was altogether characteristic.

Minucius Thermus, proconsul of Asia, who had been praetor in 81, but had no close personal connection with Sulla. The institution of contubernium here deserves some comment, since it is rarely noted. ’’ By Caesar’s day the requirement that equites, including sons of senators, must serve ten years in the cavalry before they gained full equestrian privileges and were eligible to stand for office had been abandoned, but some service seems still to have been required (or was at least an advantage).

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