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By Jonah Lehrer

ISBN-10: 1476761396

ISBN-13: 9781476761398

“Jonah Lehrer has much to provide the world….The ebook is fascinating on approximately each page….Good writers make writing glance effortless, yet what humans like Lehrer do isn't effortless at all.” —David Brooks, The ny occasions ebook Review

Science author Jonah Lehrer explores the mysterious topic of love.

Weaving jointly medical experiences from scientific psychologists, longitudinal reviews of well-being and happiness, ancient bills and literary depictions, child-rearing manuals, and the language of on-line courting websites, Jonah Lehrer’s A e-book approximately Love plumbs the main mysterious, such a lot formative, most vital impulse governing our lives.

Love confuses and compels us—and it may spoil and outline us. It has encouraged our best poetry, outlined our societies and our ideals, and governs our biology. From the way in which babies connect to their mom and dad, to the best way we fall in love with someone else, to the way in which a few discover a love for God or their pets, to the way in which we take note and mourn love after it ends, this e-book specializes in study that makes an attempt, even in glancing methods, to accommodate the long term and the standard. the main risky fable of affection is that it’s effortless, that we fall into the sensation after which the sensation looks after itself. whereas we will simply degree the dopamine that motives the preliminary emotions of “falling” in love, the partnerships and devotions that final many years or longer stay a secret. This e-book is ready that secret. Love, Lehrer argues, isn't really equipped exclusively on overwhelming ardour, yet, fascinatingly, on a suite of abilities to be cultivated over an entire life.

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51 But this was a tragic mistake. ”52 Bowlby grasped the implications of Harlow’s experiments. The monkeys with their wire mesh mothers were like those toddlers alone in a hospital room: What they craved was closeness. Affection. A feeling that could not be measured in ounces or calories, but instead fulfilled a deeper need. So Bowlby concluded that love was not some frivolous luxury—it was part of a larger process that allowed children to cope with a difficult world. He called this process attachment.

Of course not. The garments are rubbing against some of the most sensitive nerves of the body, but you’ve learned to tune those signals out. The cotton has become an invisible fabric, as imperceptible as the air. The most important implications of habituation have to do with pleasure. Although animals are programmed to seek out rewards, the law of habituation means that these rewards come with diminishing returns. That’s why the first bite of chocolate cake is better than the second, and the second is better than the third.

Only one thing will bring out a love response in the child—stroking and touching its skin, lips, sex organs and the like,” Watson wrote. “This is the clay out of which all love—maternal, paternal, wifely or husbandly—is made. Hard to believe? ”21 Watson’s science of parenting no longer seems scientific. Yet, his theories of love continue to influence our lives. They endure as a collection of parental techniques—Watson has been credited with inventing the time-out as a form of punishment22—and as a larger belief that children need boundaries, and not boundless affection.

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